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Caring for your contact lenses

It is important to take care of your contact lenses. After all, your eyes are important and keeping them healthy is your main concern.

Each time you remove or wear your contact lenses, they must be properly cleaned and disinfected. This helps to kill germs, prevent infections and allergies.

After inserting your contact lenses, ensure that you thoroughly rinse the case with warm water. Even disposable lens cases need cleaning.

Use only doctor prescribed saline cleaning solutions to clean your lenses. Many people who use home made cleaning solutions are prone to serious eye infections, so avoid these. Also, avoid mixing different brands of solutions.

Do not attempt to sterilize disposable lenses; they are to be used and disposed.

Eye drops can interact with all types of contact lenses. Use the brand of solution prescribed by our doctor or check with the doctor before changing brands.

Be well informed by asking your eye doctor about common contact lens problems before buying contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses

Since the first time soft contact lenses were introduced, they have undergone a major change.

Cost of Contact Lenses

There are a number of factors that go into determining the initial cost of contact lenses.


Presbyopia is a vision condition that makes focusing at close distances difficult. It is a natural part of life that occurs in virtually everyone.

Comparing Online Prices

The Internet offers us an excellent option to purchase contact lenses online. There are several online contact lens sellers all catering to different tastes and styles.

Read all about online contact lens resellers:

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