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Advantages and Disadvantages of Color Contact Lenses

There are many advantages of colored contact lenses. Firstly, changing the color of your eyes, allows you to spice up your appearance. Enhancing your natural eye color temporarily is fun and exciting. Costume lenses are a nice alternative for special occasions or parties. Be it a Halloween function or simply an evening out, costume or colored lenses can add a zing to the evening.

Moreover, colored contact lenses complements your natural beauty. If you want a bold look, shaded lenses like silver or violet will fit perfectly. For olive-toned skin type, brightly colored lenses are a good choice. Similarly, reddish hues are good for pale skin and brown colors tend to give a trustworthy serious expression. Green eyes are often associated with sexiness and mischief.

Costume lenses are worn for special occasions. Colored and costume lenses provide an interesting alternative to accessories like jewelry and enhance the color of your apparel making you look better and spicier.

Obviously, as with everything, there are some disadvantages to wearing color contact lenses. While lens manufacturers ensure that they make varied sizes of contact lenses to fit your eyes, there maybe times when the fit is not perfect. In that case the true color of your eyes is revealed if the lens happens to slide off the pupil.

It is also important to remember that your pupil is consistently changing its size in order to accommodate the amount of light filtering into your line of sight. This has the potential of affecting how the color contact lens may look. For example at night, or in poor light, the pupil may look larger than the clear center of your lens, which could affect your vision.

Another important thing is that even though these colored contact lenses are not for vision correction, it is better to a prescription for them, which ensures a goof fit by an eye care professional.

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